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We have always wanted to photograph wild horses and there are a handful of guides available for each herd across the country - our trip with Jen out of tooele Utah could not have been more perfect and we are set to return in two weeks - it’s such an easy drive from Salt Lake City and Jen is so in touch with the horses that it’s a short and beautiful drive to the horses from tooele - her knowledge about these horses in general and this heard in particular is unsurpassed and as a photographer herself she puts you in the right spot for the shots you need - she is also just a delight to be with - don’t hesitate to let her take you on this magical adventure

Louis & Rhonda from Texas

We took a private half day photo safari with Jen and it was absolutely GREAT. Jen was professional, knowledgeable, personable and very informative about the horses. Jen not only knows about the horses that you will see, but their history and their relationship with other horses in the herd as well as their patterns of behavior. She offered many recommendations for photography including lighting, settings, framing and scenery. Jen moved us around to numerous locations to see the horses at various activities throughout our visit . It was a very unique experience and definitely a highlight of our trip and well worth the short drive from Salt Lake City.

Michael from Oregon

Such an amazing experience. I have done the Onaqui herd solo in the past. So much better with Jen! I spent two tours with her - one evening and one morning and was so blown away by her knowledge of the area and the horses. It was an amazing experience and would highly recommend!!

Laurie from Colorado

Jen's an amazing host, guide, and overall human being. I brought my 8-year-old daughter to the range and was a little nervous about how she would do but Jen kept her entertained not just with all the horses we were able to see but with their personal stories and "herd drama" she filled us in on. She's a great storyteller! My daughter says it was the best trip of her entire life. I agree! We will be back and definitely booked again with, Jen.

Aimee from Washington DC

I am a native who has been out to photograph the herd many times, but nothing compares with a tour with Jen! I now realize that I often didn’t know what I was seeing, and that it takes someone with Jen’s incredible knowledge of the herd and wild horse behavior to truly understand and appreciate what is happening and what you are seeing. Her knowledge of the individual horses, their families and behavior is amazing. Add to that she is a wonderful resource for photographers with lots of suggestions, pointers, and careful positioning to help you take your best images possible.

Judith from Salt Lake City

Jen's tours are fantastic! I am a photographer who knows my way around the range reasonably well, but booking with Jen has been a game-changer. The first tour I booked was after the 2021 round-up. I was worried that the horse's behavior would change, and I didn't want to risk not finding them. What impressed me (and keeps me coming back) is her incredible knowledge of the horses. She always knows where to find them and how to get to them, even when they are in very challenging locations. In addition, she can tell you their names, history, and stories, which builds more of a connection to the experience. Finally, If you are a beginner in photography, she can help you with settings, composition, and creative techniques.

Last but not least, it is lovely to ride in an appropriate four-wheel-drive vehicle with good tires. Did I mention that I have had two flats in rental cars that cost me time and money? Maybe not because it was traumatizing and stressful, so having vehicle accommodations is a return on investment in my mind! Whether you are a photographer or a wild horse lover, you can't go wrong booking with Wild Horse Photo Safaris. You will be safe, learn a ton, and have an incredible experience.

Christina from Arizona

Yesterday was just AMAZING. I can't put it into words, yet. My head was spinning so much last night. Such a great day and I am so thankful to you, thank you. I am thinking now the book needs to be so much more, thank you. The photos are beautiful and I am so glad you captured those moments for me. I can also use them for some upcoming blog posts  to highlight the issues at hand NOW. Jen, just know you're an incredible advocate and person who I am so thankful for the opportunity to not only have met you, but I hope we can collaborate in the future. My heart has been forever changed since coming to see the Onaqui. 

Christie from Utah

We are a family of three who travelled from India and went on one of the most wonderful wildlife tours ever , Jen s passion for the wild Onaqui herds is palpable and infectious , she really knows them.well and we really really enjoyed ourselves , the thrill and pleasure of meeting these majestic animals in the wild is to be experienced to be believed , strongly recommend this tour

Alok from India

An intimate time with one of the larger herds of mustangs in the continental USA with a guide who was both knowledgable and passionate about the horses.
Could not have been better!

Michael from Texas

This is one of the most amazing experiences! These horses are magnificent animals, and to be in their presence is breathtaking! Jen is incredibly knowledgable about both horses and photography and offers great advice on how to photograph these amazing scenes. I cannot recommend this enough as you will be changed forever once you have spent time with such a majestic American icon!! A definite MUST DO!!!

Brandi from Hawaii

Being out on the range, away from everything, makes this tour that much better! I felt so removed from the real world and was able to truly enjoy the calm quietness of nature. Jen really knows her stuff and was able to get us in front of some large herds of horses within a short period of time. She is incredibly knowledgeable and talented at what she does! If you love wild horses or just need to get away from the hustle and bustle, this is the tour you need to go on!

Matt from Utah

We had a fantastic time on the tour! Jen knows these horses and their habits...I think she has a little horse whisperer in her. I was able to get some nice photos and had the opportunity to learn about them and the life they live. Whether it's just one person or you are bringing the family, I highly suggest this photo safari. Something Yellowstone NP certainly can't give you.

Lance from Oregon

Visiting the West Desert with Jen to see the Onaqui wild horse herds is a must do!  I am not a professional photographer (I am obsessed with horses though) and this was one of the best things I have ever done.  Not only is she a fun and interesting person to spend the day with, she knows everything about these beautiful animals.  I now know most of them by name and completely understand her love for this area and these horses.  She knew exactly where to find the herds and we even watched a new foal find her legs!
Whether you want to photograph them, just watch them play or advocate for them you must involve Jen with "A Place in Time Photography".

Kandace from Utah

I just wanna let you know that we are so grateful for the adventure, the story behind the land and the opportunity to get to know you and your story! 

Keven & Alisha from Utah

We were on vacation in Utah from Ohio. I love wild horses and have spent years visiting the East Coast Herds, but had never seen the wild mustangs. The day with Jen was magical, and one that I will never forget. It is great to go with someone that knows exactly where to find them, and has much love and respect for these amazing creatures. I can't recommend this tour enough!!!

Katie from Ohio

Wonderful experience! Jen's knowledge of, and love for the horses, made the tour!

Fon from North Carolina

This was such fun excursion! Jen was an amazing host. She was very personable, well educated about the horses and is clearly passionate about the mustangs. I got so many great photos and I will definitely do this again.

Sharon from Illinois

I felt so lucky to have found Jen to have as my guide out to the range to meet, experience and photograph the life of the Onaqui. I booked this trip for my 51st birthday and hands down best idea in 51 years! Jen was so helpful as I navigated my trip from where to stay to what was the best gear based on my inquiries. I booked two 4 hour days, my trip was all about the Onaqui and I wanted the most opportunity to explore, which Jen provided with out a hitch. I came home with not only amazing photos of wild horses on their land I also have the most enriched soul from this experience. Honestly big camera little camera just go be with the wilds with Jen as your guide!

Lisa from California

Jen was a wonderful guide. She is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about the Onaquil wild horses. Though we took many pictures (with the cameras on our phones) our primary reason for going on this adventure was to simply see these amazing animals in their natural habitat. We spent hours just yards away from the herd watching them frolic and play. We even saw a newborn foal stand up for the first time. It was truly incredible!
Be prepared for a 45 minute+ ride into the desert and a bit of a walk from the road to where the herd has gathered. In the early morning there is a lot of dew on the ground so wear appropriate shoes. We stayed out with the horses for hours so you might want to bring a couple of camp chairs along if standing for long periods is a challenge.

Deanna from South Carolina


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