Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help plan to make your private photo safari with the Onaqui Wild Horses the best experience possible.

  1.   Is finding horses guaranteed? No.  Like any other wildlife, the wild horse sightings are not guaranteed.  Their patterns and behavors change daily, however to date there has not been a tour when I have been unable to locate some or all of the horses.
  2.   How many horses are on the range?  The North herd has approximately 175 horses and the South herd has approximately 45 horses.
  3.   How close can you get to the wild horses?  Anticipate staying 150 feet away from the horses, sometimes more depending on their behavior or location that day.  
  4.   Do I need to be a professional photographer to enjoy this tour?  No.  Because my tours are private it makes it easy to tailor my presentation of information based on the skill level and interest of individual guests.  I have had tour guests who range from cell phone users to hobby photographers to professionals and everyone has been equally excited to see and learn about the mustangs.
  5.   Do I need to wear hiking boots?  No.  You should plan on wearing close toed shoes across uneven terrain that is mostly flat, but has squirrel and badger holes that you will be navigating around.  If you are more comfortable in hiking boots then please bring them, otherwise tennis shoes are fine in the warmer months.
  6.   Are there snakes in the desert?  Yes, there is a wide variety of wildlife living in our West Desert including several species of snakes.  Have I personally ever seen a rattlesnake on tour, or while walking around?  No, but do they live here in Utah? Yes.
  7.   Besides wild horses what other wildlife might we see?  Pronghorn, various hawks, golden eagles, badgers, horned toads, voles, jack rabbits and burrowing owls. 
  8.   What kind of a vehicle will be riding in?  We travel to the range in a high clearance 4x4 SUV.  You will need to be able to easily enter and exit a high clearance vehicle.
  9.   Do we take photos from the car?  99% of the time the answer will be no.  We have to stay on maintained dirt roads when traveling through the desert looking for horses and the windows will remain closed at all times because of excessive dust and debris that kicks up while driving.  We will be walking to a location where we have a good vanatage point to view and photograph the horses.  As they move and graze we will also be moving with them; mostly on foot.  It's safe to expect to be walking 5-10 city blocks at a time.  I bring very small, lightweight camp stools that guests can borrow to sit at a lower level to take photos or to simply relax and enjoy the views.
  10.   What size lens do you recommend?  I shoot with a 100mm-400mm lens on a full frame body and occassionally will also include a 1.4x teleconverter.
  11.   I don't want to book my own tour, can I just join a tour with a guests who's already scheduled?  No.  All of my tours are private so that I can give my guests the best experience when taking into account their interests, photography skill level, and desired time on the range.  I don't combine tours for people who are not traveling together and/or don't know eachother because I don't want to compromise this customized experience.
  12.   Can I make noises to get the horses attention for photos?  No.  Snapping, clapping, clicking, squeaking or other distracting human behavior which will disrupt the horses natural behavior is not permitted.
  13.   What is the best season to come and see the horses?  Please take some time to read my "About Wild Horses" page which details much more seasonal and range specific information.  Each season has something different and unique to offer so the "best" season may vary by client depending on what it is you hope to see/achieve/accomplish. 
  14.   Do you offer year-round tours?  Yes, weather permitting I provide tours year-round.
  15.   How long should I try to schedule in advance for my tour?  Although I make every effort to accommodate last minute requests, during the busy months I am typically booked 4-6 weeks in advance.
  16.   What should I wear on my tour?  This varies greatly by the season, but you will receive a Welcome Packet at the time of booking that gives you more information on what to bring and wear to make your time on the range more comfortable.
  17.   What happens if it rains?  It's exremely rare that I cancel a tour due to rain, but in the event that this happens I make every effort to adjust the schedule to a drier time and if that's not possible a full refund will be given.
  18.   I would love photos of horses in the water!  Can we stand at the edge of the watering hole to take photos?  No.  The horses are very particular about their level of comfort when coming into watering holes to drink.  Minor (or major) changes in the area including humans hiding in shrubs, blocking entrances/exits to water sources or moving around to get better shots when the horses are drinking can be very disruptive and the last thing we want to do is push horses off valuable water in the middle of a desert.  While some locations offer nice viewing without interfering, it's never guaranteed that they may decide to go to water in this specific area.
  19.   Is there an age limit to who can come with me?  Yes, due to insurance requirements and the nature of the tour itself the minimum age for guests is 10 years old.
  20.   Are there restrooms on the range?  Yes.  There are public restrooms at a campground which is open to the public.  Depending on where the horses are that day it's a +/- 15-20 minute drive to the bathrooms from the northern part of the Herd Management Area or 5-10 minutes from the southern Herd Management Area.
  21.   Can I bring my own drinks or snacks?  Absolutely!  I always provide lots of water and for sunrise/sunset tours I also provide a light meal, but you're definitely welcome to bring whatever snacks or re-sealable non-alcoholic beverages you like. 
  22.   Is there cell service?  Yes, but this will vary depending on where we are and what cell carrier you have.  Some spots have decent cell coverage regardless of carrier and some have none.
  23.   I don't have a great camera, is it possible to have one of your photos if you get a good one?  Yes, I sell prints in various sizes and mediums and am routinely adding new options to my online gallery of New Releases for purchase.
  24.   I'd love to gift a tour to someone who would really enjoy it, do you offer gift certificates?  Yes.  I offer gift certificates for any 4 hour, 6 hour or sunrise/sunset tour and I also offer gift certificates that can be purchased in a specific dollar amount to be used toward the aquisition of any of my fine art products. 
  25.  I have a new camera or am unfamiliar with the camera I am planning to bring can you teach me how to use it?  Unfortunately no.  This tour is based around teaching clients all about wild horses and although I do make recommendations on angles, framing and certain camera settings I am not able to give lessons on how to use your specific camera. It is best to spend as much time as needed practicing using your camera before arriving for your tour and bring your manual if necessary.
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